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I've got to admit that I'm excited about the changes happening in regard to the writer part of my life.  Captive Quill Press has released "The Nefarious, Noble, and Nocturnal." It's a compilation of four short stories I've written.  Three are about ghosts, and the last one involves a female vampire.  It can be purchased via Amazon Books for Kindles and other reader devices in less than a minute for a mere $0.99, and my understanding is that it can eventually become available as a paperback, too, depending upon its popularity.  The paperback version would be easy to carry since the whole compilation is less than 8,500 words in length.  What Captive Quill Press decided upon as my compilation's cover art is revealed in the photo directly underneath these opening paragraphs.


 What will really help potential readers, and me as the author, is if folks take a few minutes to write an Amazon review when they've finished reading, which can remain anonymous.  No lengthy essay is needed, only a few words can get the message across of what an Amazon customer thinks.  That would be valuable for me as an indicator for whether or not I'm on the right track, and folks who like paranormal stories will get a candid opinion before they download "The Nefarious, Noble, and Nocturnal" for themselves.


The last short story of this compilation is titled "There's Always Another One" and features a red 1965 Mustang, intended to resemble the one seen further down on this page.  Visualize this scenario: two best friends are talking in gathering darkness as a beautiful English vampire, standing silent in the shadowy outer edge of a city park, awaits one of them.  Charlie wants Brent to get in his vintage pony car so the buddies who have finished a Portland Marathon together can go out for pizza, but all Brent wants is pale, gorgeous Moira.  What happens next?  Well, readers who enjoy supernatural material will have the opportunity to find out soon enough.


To borrow a phrase used frequently in television advertisements, "Wait, there's more."


I'm in the process of writing a novel entitled "The Stein and the Studebaker:  Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles."  It's a hybrid, I suppose, because it combines paranormal, romance, and thriller genres.


 A new widower returns to Oregon from Texas.  When Peter does so, he unwittingly brings a haunted stein and Studebaker together.  Once they make contact, Beaumont Tadd's decades of getting away with the double murder of an innocent Hispanic couple in 1960, well, that's on rather shaky ground these days.  Peter has given his word of honor he will help Maria and Juan rest in peace.  The stubborn Norseman blood which flows in his veins won't allow him to back down.  Justice will be meted out, one way or another.


Oh, I almost forgot.


Somewhere down the line, I'll re-write my entire R&R novel trilogy, too.  The titles of all three books will be modified, but I'll keep the R&R theme.  Readers who fancy paranormal romances haven't seen the last of Ben and his vampire girlfriend Tabitha.  Nope.  I'll make certain re-writes will happen when circumstances permit.


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This is an adventure, so let's lace 'em up!  Rock and roll!  Watch out for fangs.  Oh, that's in reference to some pretty female vampires that dwell in my imagination, always ready to make a debut or encore appearance via written words.  Be prepared, paranormal genre readers, because "The Nefarious, Noble, and Nocturnal: A Compilation" will be released by Captive Quill Press soon.  It will be available exclusively online via Amazon.


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December 16, 2016 Cool